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Member Benefits

CLIEDIS members have access to resources that support their implementation efforts.

CLIEDIS has developed materials and support structures to ensure companies' success. We work with companies one-on-one from project inception through post- implementation.

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  • Member Support Summary

    Looking for a quick summary of the direct support CLIEDIS provides its members as well as an understanding of what we do not provide? Look no further.

    Member support available for Carriers

    Member support available for Distributors

    Member support available for Vendors

  • Technical Tools and Materials

    Through the CLIEDIS CITS Implementation Guides are publicly available and freely distributable between trading partners, critical supporting documentation is not. The guides are public so that implementers can utilize them in their communication with their trading partners to explain what information is being sent. 

    Attempting to develop a CITS data feed without the collateral material available to CLIEDIS members  will be difficult, if not impossible.

    A sampling of technical materials available exclusively to members include:

    • An online facility (CAIR) for navigating and providing details for the ACORD standard and specific CITS feeds 
    • CLIEDIS Resource Centre, giving members a centrally located, easy to navigate document library  
    • CITS Implementation  rules  
    • Sample XML  
    • XML sub-schemas  
    • Industry Wide Code mappings 
    • Comparison documents between feeds 
  • One-on-one Technical Support

    As companies move forward with their implementation plans, our members are encouraged to utilize CLIEDIS technical resources throughout their implementation projects.

    With our support, implementers can have confidence that a feed has maximum usability. Feeds can be consumed by a receiver system without customization. Even more importantly, the data can be interpreted consistently, and users can rely on it.  

    CLIEDIS will:

    • Work one-on-one with companies to provide guidance, education and answer questions relating to a specific implementation
    • Evaluate requirements, aid in mapping, and verify files meet the specification requirements
    • Learn your products to ensure the data represented accurately reflects what is intended
    • Review the source data as it compares to the output to verify correct information is coming through before the system is moved into production
    • Mediate issues between trading partners to determine the best possible resolution.
  • CLIEDIS Approval Process

    CLIEDIS' Approval Process ensures companies have implemented the standard according to the CITS specifications. This process ensures requirements are met and that trading partners can use the feeds without customization.

    In this process, CLIEDIS will:

    • Ensure implementation guidelines are being followed 
    • Validate that files meet a minimum set of data elements 
    • Provide a checklist of possible test cases for a feed to work from for development and testing purposes
    • Evaluate test cases that cover the range of content supported  
    • Review code mappings for completion, accuracy and consistency
    • Review source data as it compares to the output for accuracy
    • Work with companies and their trading partners to identify and deal with any exceptions 
    • Re-approve feeds whenever changes are made

    Additional information on the CLIEDIS Approval Process can be found in the Resource Centre. 

  • Business Materials

    As part of our implementation strategy, CLIEDIS has developed white papers and best practices documents for its members that look at the business issues involved in implementing feeds.  And there are plans for many more.
    Examples include:

    • Making the Business Case:  An in-depth analysis of compliance, regulatory, servicing and sales related issues and the role of data feeds  
    • eApp Communications Best Practices:  Evaluating communication aspects involved in eApp initiatives to help ensure implementations are successful 

    To access these documents, check out the Resource Centre.

  • Education

    CLIEDIS frequently offers webinars and onsite training to members that are both business oriented and technical in nature and can be found on the News and Events page. 

    Our popular Annual Seminar and Implementation Bootcamp events provide platforms to learn about critical industry trends and understand the work being done by CLIEDIS and its members.  

    Education is available one-on-one with member companies as appropriate. 

  • ACORD Process Support

    CLIEDIS works closely with ACORD and navigates the ACORD process and maintenance request submissions on behalf of our members.