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CLIEDIS Update - November 2015

News / Nov.03.2015
Voir la version française de cette mise à jour à la de cet article de nouvelles (voir Resource Centre).

UPDATE: Data Security Agreements Inventory Initiative 

Security for electronic data feeds is front and centre for many CLIEDIS member carriers. Tighter compliance regulations and the desire to provide inforce feeds and application images has brought new issues to light that were less of a concern when only pending feeds were being sent.
CLIEDIS has developed an inventory of data security agreement requirements across CLIEDIS member carriers. The goal of this initiative is to provide a superset of requirements that distributors and their vendors can conform to and be secure that they meet the general requirements of all carriers’ agreements. 

To date, we have received agreements from seven carriers and have documented the requirements specific for data security across these carriers. 

CLIEDIS is hosting a meeting on December 9, 2015 in Toronto with member carriers to review the inventory results and vendor community feedback, in order to create a superset of requirements that can serve as a master agreement template or outline. Carrier representatives actively involved with data security for external distribution are invited to attend. A webinar will be scheduled in January 2016 to discuss the results with all interested parties. 

Contact Julie Parrott, jparrott@cliedis.ca, if you are interested in participating in the review. 

Assumption Life Approved for CITS Application Notification Feed 

Assumption Life is the most recent carrier to receive enhanced CLIEDIS approval for their CITS Application Notification Feed. Assumption Life's feed provides distributors with information on electronic applications submitted through their eApp system. 

Marcus LeBlanc, from Assumption Life, said of the support they received during the project: 

“Tana has been invaluable in assisting during the development of the CITS Application Notification Feed. Her involvement from the beginning was crucial to us in identifying potential use case issues, mapping issues, assistance with the schema, etc. Her attention to detail and knowledge of the business are a great asset to be used while in development. Thanks Tana for all your help and look forward to working with you again very soon on the Pending Feed.” 

For more information, contact Nathalie Allaire, Nathalie.allaire@assumption.ca, Assumption Life, Director of Marketing and Corporate Communications. 

CITS / ACORD XML for Life Data Modeling Training – February 2 & 3, 2016 

As part of the CITS Implementation Best Practices, CLIEDIS identified that developers and business analysts involved in a CITS implementation project need a basic knowledge of XML, ACORD standards and the specific requirements outlined in the CITS implementation guides. Developers and business analysts with limited or no knowledge of XML, ACORD and CITS can negatively affect a project's timeline. 

To ensure companies have the needed knowledge to make their projects successful, CLIEDIS is conducting CITS / ACORD XML for Life training on February 2 & 3, 2016. The training targets developers who will be writing code to develop and consume ACORD CITS based feeds and business analysts that are going to map to the ACORD standard and read/test the files. 

This two day training is a MUST if your company is planning CITS implementation projects in 2016. The cost for CLIEDIS members to attend is $350+HST per person. A limited number of spaces will be made available to non-members at a cost of $900+HST per person. 

CLIEDIS Implementation Resources Updates 
As CLIEDIS members work on implementing CITS data feeds, updates are being made to the documentation to support their needs. Here is a list of recent enhancements: 

CITS Base Policy Foundation Guide 

Version 1.5 has been published to reflect additional requirements coming from the distributors to support AML and privacy. They include the need to capture: 
  • A person's occupation 
  • Form of identity verification used 
  • Application Signed Date 
  • Rules for handling cases involving two agents from different distributors 
These changes impact the Application Notification usage of the guide with a subset affecting inforce usage. A full list of changes is available in the updated implementation guide, available for download to CLIEDIS members on CAIR, CLIEDIS’s automated implementation resource tool. Sample XML and subschemas for the feed is also available. 

CITS Implementation Best Practices 

CLIEDIS has developed best practices for implementing a CITS (Canadian Insurance Transaction Standardization) data feed, focusing on planning and implementation strategies that are applicable when developing or updating any CITS feed. The best practices are designed to ensure that implementations go smoothly, the benefits of the data feeds are maximized, and that the end users of the information can fully utilize what is being sent. 

eApp Communications Best Practices 

This document has been updated to include specific language obtained from the AMF in regards to keeping applications on file as well as CLHIA's response regarding suitability and supervisory checks. 

This document will continue to be enhanced based on feedback received. This document is available to CLIEDIS members on the CAIR website. 

CLIEDIS Approval Process 

This document has been reflected to represent the new enhanced approval process and documents the expectations and steps involved in obtaining full approval of CITS feeds. This document is available to CLIEDIS members on the CAIR website. 

CITS Common Rules 

This document was updated as part of a review relating to CLIEDIS Approvals. It now includes identification of CITS data elements to use for entity recognition that must persist across feeds. This document is available to CLIEDIS members on the CAIR website. 

Requirement Code and Status Code Analysis Tool 

The Requirement and Status Code Analysis tool provides useful information for both senders and receivers of CITS data feeds regarding the requirement and status codes. 

We ask that companies provide updates to CLIEDIS on the codes you are using so that the tool can be kept up-to-date. This tool is available to CLIEDIS members on the CAIR website. 

Mark your Calendar: April 7, 2016 - CLIEDIS Annual Seminar 
CLIEDIS’s annual seminar is being held on April 7, 2016 at the One King West Hotel in downtown Toronto. The theme for this year’s event is “Industry Under Pressure”. Compliance, Fair Treatment of Customers, technology costs, competing internal company priorities are just a few of the pressures companies in the Canadian life insurance industry. 

Get the latest updates on CLIEDIS initiatives, member company technology projects and network with industry partners. 

Communicating with business partners using standards is a strategic business decision that makes sense and dollars. This seminar is a must for senior executives who recognize the need to respond quickly to today's business demands and how this momentum will affect your decisions in 2015 and beyond. 

Registration begins in January.


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