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RBC Insurance’s Application Notification feed has been enhanced

News / May.06.2020
RBC Insurance has received Canadian Life Insurance Standards Association (CLIEDIS) Approval for enhancements to their Canadian Insurance Standardizations (CITS) Application Notification feed.

The feed has been enhanced to include joint/multiple life cases for RBC Your Term Products.  The enhanced feed will be available as the new enhanced eApplication tool is rolled out – date TBD.
Meets national standards
RBC Insurance worked closely with CLIEDIS to ensure the feed complies with the CITS standard. The data feed meets CLIEDIS guidelines.
If you are interested in receiving the Application Notification feed, please contact Kerri Corkery (Kerri.corkery@rbc.com)
For more information, please contact kerri.corkery@rbc.com.


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