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CLIEDIS Initiatives

The initiatives that CLIEDIS undertakes are based on current industry priorities to advance data exchange within the industry.

  • 2018 Feed Adoption Working Group (FAWG)

    The Feed Adoption Working Group (FAWG)  focuses on how to improve adoption and impact of feeds by distributors. It is comprised of CLIEDIS distributor members and their trading partners. The participants actively work together with their agency vendors to identify critical data points, requirements, priorities for the industry and considers the processes distributors need to put in place to ensure success. 

    As a result of FAWG we have implemented the Knowledge Base and Issue Tracking system. CITS guide enhancements and documentation targeting the distributor have also resulted from this initiative. 

    Contact Tana Sabatino if you want to participate. 

  • 2018 APIs

    CLIEDIS members are looking for real time connectivity and communications. APIs have been identified as a strategic priority by both the CLIEDIS Executive Committee and the Feed Adoption Working Group. CLIEDIS is working with member companies to identify the best way to move this initiative forward. Stay tuned!

    Contact Tana Sabatino if you are interested in participating in the API effort. 

    What is an API: 

    • API stands for Application Programming Interface 
    • An API is a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other
    • API is the messenger that delivers your request to the provider that you’re requesting it from and then delivers the response back to you
    • APIs support real-time request/response

    APIs are not meant to be a replacement to CITS feeds but rather augment the information provided and provide functions not otherwise possible. APIs can be used to address a variety of communications that are better suited for realtime communications. This may include:

    • Query for real-time policy values
    • Communicate Agent of Record Changes
    • Submit Address Changes (and changes to other communication points)
    • Submit responses to underwriting requirement requests
    • and more
  • 2018 Going Paperless

    At the April 2018 FAWG meeting, the participants identified moving to a paperless environment as their TOP priority for the next data feed. This tied in priority with moving towards APIs for realtime communication (which is listed separately). This initiative will address the requirements for providing a CITS data feed to deliver electronic versions of documents to replace the paper currently being shipped to the disttributor. 

    In today's world, the irony is that the carriers stores electronic images of all the paper documents already. They then print the documents, sort them by distributor, and ship them out accordingly. The distributor then must scan it all back in in order to store it electronically themselves if they want to be able to track and maintain what they receive. Of everything distributors wanted to address, this was the considered the biggest gain as a next step for the industry. 

    Contact Tana Sabatino if you want to participate.

  • 2018 Data Security Initiative

    Security for electronic data feeds is front and centre for many CLIEDIS member carriers. Tighter compliance regulations and the desire to provide inforce feeds and application images has brought new issues to light that were less of a concern when only pending feeds were being sent. 

    In May 2016, CLIEDIS completed efforts to create a single set of data security requirements that can be applied to protect all confidential data received by industry trading partners and is not limited to CITS data feeds.  CLIEDIS worked closely with carriers and distributors to develop requirements that are clearly understood and achievable and that can be used to protect any confidential data.   The documents can be found in the Resource Centre.  

    Carriers are now utilizing these security documents with their trading partners. We will be reviewing these in 2018 to determine if any requirements have changed as a result of new legislation, regulatory requirements, or changed security needs. 

  • TBD CITS Commission Feed

    Commissions have been identified as a priority by the Feed Adoption Working Group, in particular to address FYC (First Year Commissions) and LROs (Life Renewal Overrides). Meanwhile, insurers are currently exploring support and in some cases replacements for their FASAT systems. CLIEDIS is looking to time the promotion and implementation of a CITS Commission feed to correlate with other replacement and upgrade activity taking place at the carrier level.  A CITS Commission guide is already in place to jumpstart this effort when the time is right.    

    Contact Tana Sabatino if you are ready to start work on a CITS commission feed. 

  • 2018 Product Code Inventory

    The need to maintain a complete and accurate list of product codes used in CITS feeds is something every agency management system vendor must do and struggles with. Carriers have challenges in providing us with the information needed so that vendors can keep a library of codes that are in use. Yet the systems need accurate codes to be able to load and process business.

    This initiative is looking at a way for CLIEDIS to open source the maintenance of product code information via discovery and dissemination of the product code details being sent in feeds. 

    The specific data points available via discovery that should be tracked along with the system requirements for maintaining and disseminating the information is actively being considered.

    Contact Tana Sabatino if you want to participate in this effort.