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CLIEDIS Initiatives

The initiatives that CLIEDIS undertakes are based on current industry priorities to advance data exchange within the industry.

  • 2017 Feed Adoption Working Group (FAWG)

    In 2016 CLIEDIS conducted a survey of distributors that were being sent CITS feeds in order to ascertain market penetration. 

    The results of that survey identified a variety of obstacles inhibiting broad uptake of feeds:
        Companies that carriers believe receive feeds either don't receive them or discard them entirely.
        Companies that know they receive feeds knowingly don't use them.
        Users of the feeds continue to experience issues with inconsistencies between carriers' implementations resulting in the need to develop company specific workflows. 
        When issues pertaining to particular cases arise, there is no clear way to resolve them with the carriers. 
        There is significant investment required by a distributor in order to utilize the feeds, including project management, technical support and managing user impact. 


    This working group is formed to figure out how we can all support each other.  
    CLIEDIS is looking for distributors to help define the role CLIEDIS can and should play in providing support for distributors to increase adoption and improve efficiencies. 
    How can we all work together to resolve the issues impeding the use of the data? 
    The outcome of this meeting will be used to direct future work efforts of CLIEDIS.

  • 2016 Data Security Initiative

    Security for electronic data feeds is front and centre for many CLIEDIS member carriers. Tighter compliance regulations and the desire to provide inforce feeds and application images has brought new issues to light that were less of a concern when only pending feeds were being sent. 

    In May 2016, CLIEDIS completed efforts to create a single set of data security requirements that can be applied to protect all confidential data received by industry trading partners and is not limited to CITS data feeds.  CLIEDIS worked closely with carriers and distributors to develop requirements that are clearly understood and achievable and that can be used to protect any confidential data.   The documents can be found in the Resource Centre.  

    CLIEDIS is now working with industry partners on promoting the adoption of these documents.

  • July 2016 CITS Pending Case Status Guide Updates for Disability and LTC Products

    This initiative will build on the products supported for the CITS Pending Case Status guide to include disability and long term care products to ensure they are modeled correctly in the CITS pending feeds sent by carriers to distributors.

    The structure for these products will follow what was done for the CITS Base Policy implementation guide.

    CLIEDIS received feedback from agency management system vendors regarding the impact of these changes and their feedback helped CLIEDIS determine how to best handle these issues.

    The updated guide was published in August 2016 and can be found in the Resource Centre.

  • 2016 CLIEDIS Distributor Survey on Data Exchange

    This initiative, conducted summer 2016, surveyed distributors on their experiences with the electronic data feeds they are receiving from carrier members focusing on:

    • Application Notification
    • Pending
    • Inforce
    • Commissions  

    Each carrier received a report on the results with their feeds and any specific feedback we received. 

    The results of the survey were used to form the Feed Adoption Working Group that kicked off early 2017.

  • 2016 Establishing a CITS Feed / Communication Expectations

    This initiative builds on the CITS best practices recommendations. We will work with member carriers in order to provide distributors with specific details regarding procedures and timeframes for obtaining specific feeds from each carrier and reporting issues for established feeds.  

    This project is underway.

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  • TBD Paramed and Lab Orders

    This initiative will build on the current CITS Lab Notification Feed to create a correlating feed specific to lab orders. It will address requirements to ensure that unnecessary tests are not being ordered.  Known issues and gaps will be raised with a broader audience to finalize a CITS standard for lab orders.  

    Additional work is to be determined. 

  • TBD Request / Response Transactions

    CLIEDIS is looking for a carrier and distributor partner, accompanied by their AMS vendor.  They would work on a proof of concept to build request/response transactions that can be called from an agency management system interface.  

    There are multiple possibilities including address update requests; policy values requests.  This work would build on the technology many carriers already have in place for web services, with an emphasis on transactions that are initiated by a distributor. 

    Contact Tana Sabatino if you are interested in participating in a proof of concept to build a request/response transaction.  This opportunity is open to CLIEDIS members.  

  • 2017 CITS Commissions

    Commissions has been identified as a top priority following the implementation of the CITS Pending, CITS Application Notification and CITS Base for Inforce feeds.  The project includes a review of the current CITS Commission Implementation Guide in conjunction with the non-compliant feeds in place today to identify any further changes needed to the guide.  CLIEDIS will then work with members to drive implementation of a CITS Approved Commission feed.  It is not expected that companies will modify any existing commission feeds until after they have developed a base policy feed for inforce.