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What We Do

CLIEDIS provides a unique forum to bring together carriers, distributors and their business partners, working to define data exchange solutions that are common across the life and health insurance industry.  

CLIEDIS main activities include:

  • Developing industry standards to improve communications whenever electronic data is sent and needs to be shared with multiple business partners
  • Providing support to CLIEDIS members with the implementation of data exchange solutions using common insurance data standards
  • Supporting CLIEDIS members when challenges or concerns post implementation occur, through consultation and mediation
  • Advocating the use of data exchange standards in the industry, through speaking engagements, meetings and industry communication
  • Defining and refining data standards as industry priorities evolve and change.

Why We Focus on Standards

Implementing CLIEDIS data standards ensures shared issues across the industry are addressed without impeding a company's ability to build and maintain competitive advantage.

The use of CLIEDIS data standards supports greater automation in the life and health insurance industry and significantly expands the amount of useful information available in computer systems that receive the information. The ability to easily retrieve and utilize such information supports compliance, simplifies the management process and makes it easier to identify new sales opportunities.

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